UFC News: Video of 18-year-old Conor McGregor has emerges of him annihilating his opponent

  • Tom Kelly
McGregor v Cerrone

The days of Conor McGregor's questionable antics are seemingly over and we can now enjoy the Notorious returning to his very best and his natural home, the Octogan.

However, a video has emerged of an 18-year-old McGregor making his martial arts debut and it's safe to say that the Notorious was just as much of a lethal fighter both back then and now. 

McGregor was making his MMA debut at a Cage of Truth event which was based in his own backyard of Dublin, Ireland.

The Irishman appeared to be fighting within a local gym, with just a handful of spectators watching the destruction of his opponent Gary Morris. 

The Notorious flew out of the blocks within the opening round and demonstrated his powerful left-hand as Morris just about survived until the first bell. Unfortunately, the referee had no choice but to end the fight shortly after, as McGregor secured his first TKO victory. 

Reflecting on his defeat to an eventual two-time UFC champion, Morris shed some light on his experience: 

"He was obviously in the southpaw stance, but his style was a lot different," he shared.

"Nowadays, his boxing is a lot cleaner than it was back then. I remember a lot of wild overhand lefts. Conor was a lot wilder back then, he wasn't as disciplined.

"He definitely caught me with a few of them overhand lefts. I know we did go to the ground at one stage, or maybe a couple of times, I was trying to wrestle him up a bit.

"I was trying to tie him up and take him down and we were up and down and up and down, but at no stage were we just kind of lying on the ground. Both of us were looking for different things throughout them exchanges."

As everyone is probably aware, McGregor has gone onto have a pretty successful career but it all started in a quaint gym in Dublin. Furthermore, even without his iconic tattoos and beard which is now seemingly synonymous with his character, McGregor was always a natural, lethal fighter. 

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