WWE news: The Undertaker appears on RAW dressed like 'Big Evil' instead of 'The Deadman'

The Undertaker came to Raw with a different look last night

AJ Styles and The Undertaker were scheduled for a contract signing on Monday Night Raw last night to officially confirm their WrestleMania 36 match.

Unfortunately for the WWE Universe though, there won't be a single fan in attendance there to see it.

As everyone is now aware, Mania will be going ahead, but in-front of an empty arena at the WWE Performance Center.

That means for the both Taker and Styles, the first match ever between the two veterans will be seen only by 'essential personnel' in Orlando, and the rest will just have to view it on the WWE Network.

The rivalry got a bit more personal last week though, as The Phenomenal One decided to name-drop Taker's wife - Michelle McCool - and he did the unthinkable and called Taker by his real name, Mark Calaway.

It meant that on Raw last night, we saw a fired-up Taker who surprisingly was not wearing his usual trench coat and hat.

Instead, The Deadman turned into 'Big Evil' from the early 2000s, wearing a beanie and the straps of his top pulled down - however there was no motorbike at the Performance Center.

The Undertaker showed up looking like he had transported back to 2002

Taker marched down to the ring at a quick pace, abandoning his slow entrance, and then flipped the table in the middle of the ring, which made Jerry 'The King' Lawler scarper.

We didn't get a face-to-face between the two Mania competitors this weekend, but Styles did run down Taker from the backstage arena, and he sent Gallows and Anderson to deliver the contract to The Deadman in the ring.

Gallows and Anderson felt the wrath of 'Big Evil' Undertaker

A bad move indeed as the 'Best Tag Team in the World' suffered at the hands of Big Evil, and the segment ended with Taker staring down Styles, whose face was right in-front of him on the big titantron.

It's a shame that the two men won't get the match in-front of 70,000 fans that they deserve, but at least millions will still get to see them lock horns inside the Performance Center on April 5.

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