Every Premier League club has been ranked by how much their fans swear

  • Kobe Tong

Premier League fans won't be chanting from the stands for the foreseeable future.

While it may have been announced that England's top flight is returning in just a few week's time, it seems as though autumn is the very earliest that we'll see any fans through the turnstiles.

But while supporters have been unable to show their allegiances from the terraces, they've still kept the footballing conversation flowing across social media.

You just know that even if football is suspended for the rest of 2020 that fans will still be discussing key debates like Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo across every platform imaginable.

And while we'd like to imagine that most supporters do so in an orderly manager, we'd be lying if we said that every fan can keep things civil when they're composing a tweet or Reddit post.

Premier League supporters

We've all seen a really interesting topic being discussed on the beautiful game and then bam, the f-bomb goes flying in for no discernible reason.

That's not to mention the endless abuse that is thrown at referees, match officials, both rival and cherished players and even VAR when matches are actually going ahead.

In light of this, the team at Casino.org decided to find out which Premier League clubs have the fans who are most likely to spread swear words on social media.


Supporters who swear the most

In order to leave reputations to the side, they trawled through the top 100 posts and comments on the Subreddits of all 20 teams, noting every time that profanities were used.

The final list has been composed by taking a percentage to ensure that bigger teams aren't unfairly punished for their larger numbers and that smaller sides don't get away lightly.

You can check out the full Premier League rankings down below:


Liverpool top, Burnley bottom

Well, that's another Premier League table that Liverpool are leading.

A whopping 14.8% of the posts and comments on the Reds' Subreddit included words deemed to be X-rated and their total of 457 comfortably overwhelmed second-placed Newcastle United.

Meanwhile, the most angelic fans in the league are Burnley with just 0.45% being unsafe for kids and Manchester City could air the most of their comments before the watershed out of the top six. 


Southampton almost creeping into the top 10 is one of the most surprising rankings considering their reputation as a well-behaved fanbase, while Brighton are also much higher than expected.

But with over half of the teams racking up more than 100 posts and comments with swear words, it's fair to say that supporters find the Premier League just as infuriating as they love it sometimes.

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