Twitter thread has fans naming footballers with a job role they look like they suit best


Leicester’s 4-0 win over Aston Villa last Monday feels like a lifetime ago.

In truth, it was only 10 days ago but it was the last Premier League match to be played.

Football fans would do anything to watch 90 minutes of Burnley vs Bournemouth right now.

But after the Premier League announced there would be no football until April 30 at the earliest, fans will have to come to terms with another six weeks of no action.

In a statement, they said: "The FA, Premier League, EFL and women’s professional game, together with the PFA and LMA, understand we are in unprecedented times and our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19. 

"We are united in our commitment to finding ways of resuming the 2019/20 football season and ensuring all domestic and European club league and cup matches are played as soon as it is safe and possible to do so. The FA’s Rules and Regulations state that 'the season shall terminate not later than the 1 June' and 'each competition shall, within the limit laid down by The FA, determine the length of its own playing season'.

"However, The FA’s Board has agreed for this limit to be extended indefinitely for the 2019/20 season in relation to Professional Football.

"Additionally, we have collectively agreed that the professional game in England will be further postponed until no earlier than 30 April."


How on earth will fans entertain themselves in the meantime?

Well, we’ve already how football clubs are trying to keep themselves busy by playing Connect 4 and Tic-Tac-Toe with each other.

And Twitter account Footy Accumulators decided to have a bit of fun by creating a rather hilarious Twitter thread.

They asked fans to “name a footballer along with a job role they look like they suit best.”

It certainly captured the attention of their followers with 2.5k replies. And some of the answers they came up with were just brilliant.

After Footy Accumulators started with James Maddison looking like a rep from the Magaluf strip, fans joined in.

Here are some of the best replies:

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Absolutely brilliant.

This is the sort of light-hearted banter we all need in these tough times.

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