Man Utd and Man City make joint £100,000 donation to Manchester food bank

  • Kobe Tong

Manchester Untied and Manchester City have come together in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

As the United Kingdom gradually goes into shutdown with the closure of pubs, restaurants and cafés as well as all sporting events, the time for action and charity has arrived.

It's important that everybody clubs together to support those who are vulnerable to the virus and those who might suffer as a result of its consequences.

And as people around the country nervously stockpile groceries, food banks are struggling more than ever to provide vulnerable people with the supplies they need in isolation.

Consequently, numerous players and entities have utilised their financial privileges to support those less fortunate than themselves in a time where everybody is feeling the ramifications.

United and City come together

And there can perhaps be no better demonstration of how everybody is coming together than by how United and City have unified to donate £100,000 to food banks in Greater Manchester.

Each club will donate 50,000 to the Trussell Trust, who support a food bank network 1,200 centres of which 19 can be found in the Greater Manchester area.

The money will help food banks increase capacity and compensate for the loss of match-day food donations through the MCFC Fans’ Foodbank Support and MUFC Fans’ Foodbank.


A powerful show of unity

In a joint statement, the clubs said: “We are proud of the role our supporters play in helping local food banks and recognise the increased strain likely to be placed on these charities by the impact of coronavirus.

"At a time of challenge for our community, we are pleased to come together with our fans to help vulnerable members of society in a City United.”

Rachel Macklin from the Trussel Trust said: “As the coronavirus pandemic develops, more people than ever may need help from food banks across our network.

"This situation presents a huge additional pressure on already overstretched resources.

"We may start to see a reduction in food donations and volunteers may become unavailable if they are in the at-risk categories or are self-isolating. 


City and United working together

“We’re working closely with our network to understand each food bank’s situation, offer guidance, and work out how we can best support them.

"We know we won’t be able to do this alone, so we are truly grateful for the support Manchester United and Manchester City are showing local food banks.

"On behalf of food banks in our network in Manchester we thank you so much.”

With City and United, the city of Manchester is certainly united.

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