WWE news: The Rock looks back on his iconic beer bath segment with Stone Cold Steve Austin


The Rock has looked back at his iconic beer bath segment with Stone Cold Steve Austin from 21 years ago, giving fans an insight into how he tried to make the segment as close to perfection as possible.

Back in March 1999, the legendary segment where Stone Cold Steve Austin sprayed The Rock, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon of The Corporation with beer in the middle of the ring took place.

Taking place during the height of the Attitude Era in the WWE, Raw in Albany on March 22 was the final stop on the Road to WrestleMania 15, where Austin was set to face The Rock in the show’s main event for the WWF Championship.

The Texas Rattlesnake drove a Coors Light truck down the ramp and towards the ring inside the Pepsi Arena to confront The Corporation. Following a bit of back and forth with The Rock on the mic, he then grabbed a hose from the side of the truck and sprayed The Rock, Vince, and Shane with beer.

Looking back on the segment on Twitter, The People’s Champion revealed he altered the cadence of his promo that night in order to make sure he was sprayed with beer by Austin at the right moment that had the biggest payoff. That being just as he said ‘your candy a**’.

The Rock tweeted: “A great era & time in the world of pro wrestling @wwe. A lil’ “inside baseball” for you.. check out the vid and you’ll see me adjusting my cadence of s**t talking while @steveaustinBSR fusses with beer hose, cos I wanted him to spray me juuust as I said “your candy a**”

The Texas Rattlesnake would go on to prevail at WrestleMania 15, hitting a Stunner on The Rock to win the WWF Championship for the third time in his career.

WWE certainly doesn’t do segments like the beer bath segment anymore, but at least we can still look back on it with fondness and have a laugh at Austin soaking The Rock, Vince, and Shane with beer.

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