Conor McGregor buys €1m worth of protective equipment for 'fighting hospitals'

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Irish minister Paschal Donohoe has messaged Conor McGregor on Twitter to say that the UFC star may want to “give some thought to how you might encourage social distancing.”

Donohoe reached out to McGregor as he believes “we need to do far better with teenagers and young men and women,” and he thinks that as something of a national treasure in Ireland, McGregor might have an impressionable effect on young adults.

McGregor has now shared his rather long response to the minister’s message of appeal, which is spread over four separate screenshots.

McGregor starts his message by explaining that he has used his social media platforms multiple times since the coronavirus outbreak in Ireland, stating that he has been encouraging hand wash etiquette/not touching face, plus keeping distance, which has been the widespread message by many as a key tactic in stopping the spread of the virus.

The UFC star then further states his concern towards people not taking social distancing seriously, stating: “All our day spot locations packed to the brim,” which led to McGregor making a video addressing the issue.

McGregor then drops big news in the message, announcing: “Today I am purchasing myself, 1-million-euro worth of personal protective equipment to be deployed to all the fighting hospitals in the Leinster region. Our most affected region, to this date.”

An impeccably generous offer from the Irish fighter.

“Where would we be without these brave men and women, I don’t know,” Conor refers to the hospital staff that still have to go in every day in order to help those infected and thus risk infection on themselves.

McGregor then begins to go on a rant that not enough is being done to enforce the lockdown, stating that it has been too lax.

McGregor argues that building sites should be closed, before making the point that “we must put health before wealth.”

He also complains that the airport situation is currently not good enough, mentioning that he had a friend that had returned from Thailand and not received any sort of testing in the airport, but was instead waltzed back into Ireland.

He believes more should be done inside the airports, if they are not to close, in order to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 in Ireland.

McGregor makes some very valid points in his argument, it is sad to see that many people are not taking this lockdown seriously and still attempt to socialise despite how much of an impact the coronavirus can have.

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