WrestleMania news: WWE need to make the right decision and postpone WrestleMania 36


Astonishingly, WrestleMania 36 is to go ahead despite the coronavirus pandemic, but the show will be without fans. WWE owner Vince McMahon confirmed that the venue is to be moved to Orlando following this pandemic.

‘The Showcase of the Immortals’ was initially set to take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida on April 5. However, the show will now be switched to the training facility Performance Center in Orlando, with the company set to take a staggering financial hit without fans attending the show.

Only “essential personnel” will be permitted to be in attendance in what promises to be a bizarre experience. Even though fans aren't allowed to attend, they still will be able to watch the event, as WWE looks to stream the show live on the WWE Network.

If the stream is free, fans will acknowledge this action, but if they were to pay, most would say they should postpone WrestleMania 36 immediately as it's just not the same without the atmosphere and the crowd participation.

The event will not be the same without the fans who come to watch entertaining, thrilling and a memorable show. Fact.

WWE should have at the very least postponed WrestleMania 36 until a time when fans could attend, and competing wouldn’t have put its stars at risk. With all that’s going on, the vast majority of people would have been entirely understanding if WWE had announced the show's cancellation or postponement, especially those who had bought tickets.

As a saying, the show must go on no matter what, but it is a selfish remark made by WWE to continue this event, where they surely should reschedule for a date later this year.

While you can argue that wrestling can continue without fans, this is WrestleMania. It offers so much more than just a wrestling show as it is a week-long event that brings in fans from across the world.

Fundamentally, the point of WrestleMania is that it is the biggest, craziest, and usually the longest show of the entire wrestling calendar. To carry this on without fan-engagement, is quite simply moronic and delusional.

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Of course, there would have been people who would be very vocal if WWE postponed or cancelled 'Mania. However, it would be the small minority who are calling the coronavirus pandemic ‘not serious’ because only 24,000 people have died so far.

Headline name Roman Reigns has already pulled out of this event where he was due to fight Goldberg for the Universal Championship, and more talent are reportedly following suit.

Reigns informed WWE he was not comfortable performing in Orlando during this coronavirus pandemic, and his decision to withdraw comes off the back of his health condition.

Reigns has battled leukaemia twice in his life and people with underlying health conditions are vulnerable to the virus. The 34-year-old told WWE as a result of his weakened immune system, he didn’t want to risk his health.

Reigns is an example that WWE should understand; health comes first in this difficult period, but they are currently seeking a replacement for him.

There is no doubt that WWE will face major financial implications of postponing a show of this magnitude, even though some will disagree of the possibility of postponement. However, fans across the world would appreciate the company a lot more if they did the right thing.

WrestleMania is all about excited fans thrilled of watching The Rock with a flamethrower, memorable entrance songs, but most importantly, healthy wrestlers taking part.

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