Tyson Fury takes young fan out for a jog after he stopped at his house for a selfie

Fury went for a jog with a young fan

Tyson Fury once again proved he's one of the nicest people in sports, by inviting a young fan along for a jog after a chance encounter.

Logan Murphy, 13 and his father Lee were driving around Morecambe earlier this month to deliver a motorbike.

Both are fans of the Gypsy King and knew he lived somewhere in the area, so decided to go looking for his house. 

The pair wanted to stop in front of Fury's house to take a quick picture at the gate but were shocked when the heavyweight boxer walked out at the exact moment they arrived. 

When they asked him for a photo, the world champion went one better, inviting Logan and his dad along for a jog.   

"We drove around for about an hour looking for the house - as my son watches his TV show and we were hoping to recognise it," Lee said of the encounter, per LadBible

"We just pulled up round a road and recognised the house and we were chuffed - we thought we were going to get a picture outside the gate.

"But then we saw a man walk out - and he was really large - and it was actually Tyson Fury.

Fury took the young fan for a jog

"We drove by him and asked for a picture and he said 'I'll do you one better, come on a run with me'."

Brilliant. It's fair to say Fury gave 13-year-old Logan a moment he'll never forget. 

"We were just pulling down the road. I couldn't believe it was actually him there," he said.

Fury made a young fans' year

"We ran for about a hundred yards but I was worried I couldn't keep up 'cause he was running quite fast.

"It has made my entire year. He's so kind and normal, I think it's always strange meeting famous people but Tyson was just so nice."

Once again, the Gypsy King has shown us he's one of the genuine good guys. Well done, Tyson.

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