Conor McGregor calls on Irish military to conduct 24-hour patrols amid coronavirus lockdown


UFC superstar Conor McGregor has called on the government to use the military to enforce a coronavirus lockdown in Ireland.

McGregor has been very outspoken on the pandemic and now believes that the only course of action is to have the military conduct 24-hour patrols to ensure citizens are complying with the quarantine.

McGregor is a global household name and he will be hoping that people will listen to what he has to say on the situation.

So far, many people have chosen to ignore the severity of calls to stay indoors and now McGregor believes there is only one way to make them listen.

During a video posted to Facebook, McGregor pulled no punches when outlining how he felt the defence forces should be used to help make sure people stick to the rules.

"If you do not enter the game, you cannot win it," McGregor began.

"We have now entered the game and, with strict adherence to the methods, we will win. We must abide by this and I pray for the health of the country that we do so.

"We cannot go by chance here. I urge our government to utilise our defence forces.

"Our defence forces have been mentioned as a possibility in assisting our 15,000 available Gardai (Police) but only if necessary. However, it is necessary.

"Any less than full adherence to these newly put-forth methods by any member of our society will not only be a mockery to what we are attempting to do - it would put the rest of our great nation in danger.

"You are doing your country an incredible deed by staying put."

The Irish government announced on Friday that people should stay at home for two weeks but clearly Mcgregor believes more needs to be done.

Most shops have already been told to close while gathering outside of families have been banned. 

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