WWE news: 'Multiple endings' have been shot to WrestleMania matches to stop spoilers from leaking

WrestleMania 36 looks unlikely to be spoilt by backstage sources in WWE

WrestleMania 36 is now only six days away, and for the first time ever, it will take place over a period of TWO nights.

It won't be going down like we know it, however.

That's because for the first time in history, WrestleMania has been pre-recorded due to the coronavirus pandemic, and WWE's base in Orlando is currently subjected to a stay-at-home order.

In recent years, the results of WrestleMania matches have been easily predicted because of either betting odds being entirely correct, or dirt sheets having inside information on who will be the biggest winners and losers.

But with Mania being taped in advance this year, the threat of results being leaked to the internet are at an all-time high, despite WWE only having 'essential personnel' at all shows broadcast inside the WWE Performance Center.

And according to Forbes reporter Blake Oestriecher, WWE have found a way to stop any potential spoilers coming out.

No spoilers are getting out of the WWE Performance Center in regards to WrestleMania results

That is because the company have reportedly shot multiple endings to some matches, which makes complete sense.

Considering the majority of bouts were supposedly shot on Wednesday and Thursday, the multiple endings theory looks to be true as nothing apart from some superstar alterations to matches has come out.

If WWE only filmed one ending to each match, there is nothing stopping one of the essential workers at the Performance Center passing on results to workers who aren't present.

But WWE have cleverly eliminated that with their apparent measures, and we can only keep our fingers crossed that it is true and no results do get leaked - because no-one wants WWE's biggest nights of the year ruined!

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