AEW Dynamite Results: Bryan Danielson dominates hometown hero as he continues his conquest for AEW gold.


This episode of AEW Dynamite saw in-ring action from Chicago's own CM Punk and Colt Cabana, as well as a highly anticipated main event grudge match.

Dynamite was headlined by a grudge match between Cody and his partner's Death Triangle, taking on the cohesive team of Malakai Black, Andrade "El" Idolo, and AAA Tag Team Champions FTR. The show also featured a brutal display between veterans, Number 1 Contender to the AEW World Championship Bryan Danielson and the Dark Order's and Chicago's own Colt Cabana.

CM Punk interrupted by MJF- 

CM Punk makes his way out to a Michael Jordan-esque pop from the hometown Chicago Crowd. However, just as Punk enters the ring and is about to basque in the sounds of his name being chanted he is interrupted by the all too familiar music of Maxwell Jacob Freeman (MJF).


MJF strolls his way down the ramp much to the surprise of Punk. The two take in the atmosphere and intensely stare each other down before MJF goes on to bring up Punk's actions from last week. when Punk didn't shake MJF's hand when Maxwell stuck out his hand as a sign of respect towards Punk after Punk interrupted him.

MJF proceeds to go on a verbal tirade of Punk, bringing up different historical moments of CM Punks past before going on to say that he's been avoiding MJF and that he doesn't want anything due to him not being able to hang.

The two go back and forth for 20 minutes exchanging verbal low blows from all angles in what was arguably the best promo in AEW history, really lighting the fuse for this rivalry and showcasing just how good on the stick these two are.


CM Punk def QT Marshall-

As MJF backs away from CM Punk, almost instantaneously Punk is finally greeted by his opponent for the night, QT Marshall.

Punk gains momentum for the first part of the bout demonstrating an impressive technical display keeping Marshall at bay. Punk then goes to bounce off the ropes and execute a lariat but is distracted by the interference from Nick Comoroto. However, this is seen by the referee and Marshall's back-up is ejected from the ringside area, making the match an even opportunity for Punk.

As the match progresses, even though Marshall has lost his backup he gains control of the match by performing a bone-shattering suplex to Punk followed by a pin-point accurate leg drop. Punk is hurt at this point and QT looks to put his opponent away quickly by trying to pin Punk at any given opportunity. The commentary team questions whether MJF has gotten in the head of Punk but the rally of the Chicago crowd flips the momentum back in the favor of Punk momentarily but is spiked with a brutal liger bomb from Marshall.


Christian Cage and Jurassic Express promo-

Christian begins the promo by discussing momentum and how highlights the recent victories that he and the Jurassic Express have picked up. He then follows up with the breaking news that Jurassic Express is the number 1 ranked tag team in AEW.

The promo ends with Christian saying that he will make sure the momentum is maintained and that the Express become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Eddie Kingston Promo-

Kingston is ready to discuss the upcoming bout between him and Daniel Garcia this Friday on Rampage. 2.0 are quick to enter and interrupt Eddie Kingston, playing a facade that they want to help Kingston as they don't see him as hungry anymore. A cheap shot from Garcia insinuates a brawl which is quickly separated by AEW officials.

Gunn Club def Bear Country-

Going into this bout Gunn Club has all the momentum due to last week's actions on Darby Allin and Sting but also the fact that in 2021 the Gunn Club is undefeated in the tag team competition with a record of 8 wins and 0 losses.

Gunn Club start the bout blindsiding Bear Country so that they can attempt to gain momentum, however, the power of Bear Country proved to be too much, and very quickly the control of the match was in their favor.

On the outside, Boulder looks to execute a power slam on Billy Gunn, who is then rescued by Austin. However, as Boulder tries to quickly act on this, the ring IQ of Billy Gunn caused Boulder to crash brutally shoulder-first into the steel steps.

With Bear Boulder on the outside, Bear Bronson is on his own but stands his ground against the Gunn Club. However, the numbers of Gunn Club proved too much and a second interference from Austin allows Colten to execute the Colt45 for another impressive victory for Gunn Club who maintain their tag team undefeated record for 2021.


 As the Gunn Club celebrates their victory they are interrupted by none other than Sting and Darby Allin. Darby throttles Austin Gunn with a ruthless shoulder tackle. Billy and Colten flee the ring and head up the stage not removing eye contact from Sting and Darby who stand tall in the ring. 

AEW Battle of the Belts announcement-

Battle Of The Belts special event announced to take place on the 8th January at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina 


 Bobby Fish and Adam Cole Promo-

They discuss the frustration of their recent losses in matches. They proceed to be interrupted by CHAOS members, Best Freinds who question the relationship between Cole and Fish. Cole proceeds to taunt Best Friends and tell them that they are tired of being disrespected.

This leads to a match being announced for this Friday on AEW Rampage.


Team Taz and Dante Martin promo-

Dante Martin shocks the world by turning his back on Lio Rush and signing a contract with Team Taz.

Thunder Rosa def Jamie Hayter- TBS Title Tournament Quarter-Finals match

Hayter is accompanied to the ring by fellow Team D.M.D members AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker and Rebel.


The two lock up right away to the delight of the crowd who fill the arena with chants for both competitors. A hard-hitting back and forth display in the opening moments of the match sees Hayter launched into the barricade hard. The powerful Hayter quickly regains control of the bout with a series of brutal stomps on Rosa followed by kicks to the kidneys.

As the match progressed Rosa levels Hayter with a brutal double dropkick to the back of the head as Hayter is prone on the second rope. The match continued to see a display of hard-hitting angles between both competitors but Rosa gets the upper-hand blasting Hayter with an off-the-top rope shotgun dropkick. As Rosa proceeds to lock in a submission on Hayter, Rebel distracts the referee allowing Britt Baker to interfere. Baker attempts a superkick to Rosa while the referee's attention is on Rebel but it backfires as Baker levels Hayter, allowing Rosa to advance to the semi-finals after a slick roll-up victory.

Thunder Rosa advances to the semi-finals to take on undefeated Jade Cargill in a must-see semi-finals match.


Chris Jericho Promo-

Jericho beigns to discuss what he is thankful for on this Thanksgiving edition but is immediately interrupted by 2.0. Jericho takes dislike to this and proceeds to threaten each member of 2.0, an irate 2.0 backs away. 

Britt Baker Promo-

Baker apologises for her involvement in Hayter's match. It is also revealed that in the battle royal at ALL OUT that Rhio was never eliminated. Therefore on Rampage Rhio will go one on one with Baker and if Rhio wins then the inaugural AEW Women's champion will get a shot at Bakers title.

Bryan Danielson def Colt Cabana-

Cabana is greeted by an emphatic pop from his hometown Chicago crowd and is pumped up for his encounter with old rival Bryan Danielson.

The bout begins with deafening chants of Colt's name. The two lock up and exchange a variety of holds with Danielson trying an attempted submission in which Cabana quickly escapes. Danielson follows up with an exchange of sickening chops followed by a series of brutal chest kicks.

The crowd rallies on Cabana as he tries to regain momentum, delivering a series of right hands to Danielson. Which was later followed up with a trademark moonsault off the top rope but Bryan powers out a two.

The stamina and tenacity of Danielson, in the end, proved to be too much for Cabana as he applied a series of brutal stomps to his opponent, then he proceeds to taunt before locking in the LeBell Lock where Cabana has no choice but to tap.

After the match, Danielson proceeds to show off the damage he caused Cabana by revealing the two teeth he knocked out to the camera. As he gloats to Tony Schiavone about the recent victory, he is met and confronted by the AEW World Champion, "Hangman" Adam Page who issues a challenge to Danielson. However, Bryan doesn't accept and the two brawl with Danielson only just evading a Buck Shot attempt.


AEW Rampage matches announced: 

The match card for this Friday's Rampage features;
Britt Baker vs Rhio
Daniel Garcia v Eddie Kingston
Adam Cole and Bobby Fish vs Wheeler Yuta and Orange Cassidy.
Also announced is the final quarter-final match of the TBS Women's Title Tournament between Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander where the winner will face Nyla Rose.

Malakai Black, Andrade and FTR def Cody and Death Triangle -

The highly anticipated main event featured some of AEW's finest talent. An intense staredown between all 8 men is accompanied by the dullset tone of the crowd chanting "Zero Miedo" in favour of the Lucha Brothers.


The match begins with a technical display between Cody and Dax Harwood exchanging reversal after reversal for everything that each other throw. Dax has control of the match until Cody reverses an attempted slingshot suplex and tags in Pac who comes out flying and dominates the match.

As the match transpires a moment of shock occurs when Cody performs a trademark taunt, launching his belt into the crowd but to his dismay, the belt is thrown back by the crowd as a sign of rejection towards Cody and Andrade quickly disposes of the belt. The match continues with a flurry of tag team and high-risk maneuvres from the Lucha Brothers to their opponents. However, the match continues to be back and forth with Cody being pummeled by an onslaught from all four of his opponents.

The match concludes with the referee being distracted by the Lucha Brothers' jaw-dropping, high-flying maneuver over the top rope in stereo. While this occurs Malakai Black sprays black mist in the eyes of Pac, allowing Andrade to hit the "El" Idolo and pick up the victory.


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